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PIMCO Account Access for Institutional Investors

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PIMCO Funds is pleased to offer E-Delivery for your account statements, confirmations and tax forms! By enrolling in E-Delivery for your account statements and confirmations, you will gain:

  • Privacy and Security with statements stored in your password-protected Online Account Access
  • Quick Access to statements available online days earlier than your mailbox
  • Email Alerts letting you know that your statement is available

Update - Security Enhancement:

Your online security is always a top priority. As such, we are in the process of implementing a new security feature to further protect your online account from unauthorized access. When using a recognized computer or device, you will be able to login using your username and password. If you use an unrecognized computer or device, PIMCO will prompt you to verify your identity by sending a one-time security code via email or mobile phone text message. Once you enter the security code online, you will be logged in.

If you are new to this site, please click the "Establish User ID" button below to register. Returning users, please log in below to get started.

Returning Users

New Users

To access your mutual fund account online, please establish a User ID and Password.

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How can I retrieve my Password?

For security reasons, users are not able to retrieve a forgotten password. A new password must be created. To do so, enter your User ID in the Returning Users box. Then click the 'Forgot Password?' link. Enter a new password and verify. Once confirmed, return to the Login page and enter the updated data.

How can I retrieve my User ID?

Click the 'Forgot User ID?' link in the Returning Users box. You will need to select one PIMCO Fund in which you are currently invested and enter the following information:

Last 4 digits of your TIN/SSN
Your PIMCO Account Number
Your Password

Click 'Continue'. Your User ID will be provided on the following screen.

How can I change my Password?

On the PERSONAL PROFILE tab, Click on Password Update, enter a new password and verify.

How can I change my User ID?

On the PERSONAL PROFILE tab, Click on User ID update, enter a new User ID and verify.

What information will I need to access my account online

You will need your PIMCO account number and Social Security or Tax Identification Number (SSN/TIN). Once you have created your User ID and Password, you will be able to access
your account(s).

The information you are accessing is personal and confidential.
We suggest you logout once you are done viewing your data.