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USA Mutuals has implemented a new log in procedure to access accounts on-line. This change was made to enhance system security, no longer requiring repeated use of confidential information (entire Social Security Number or Tax ID Number). If you are accessing your portfolio on-line for the first time, select Create User ID and provide the requested information to create your unique User ID. For returning users, enter your User ID and Password and then select Login Now to access your portfolio.
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*Funds in the Insured Cash Shelter Account are FDIC insured and subject to the ICSA Terms and Conditions. THE INSURED CASH SHELTER ACCOUNT IS NOT A MUTUAL FUND. Mutual Funds are not FDIC Insured. Accordingly, for investments in the ICSA, the headings "Fund" and "Shares" wherever they appear are not applicable and such headings should instead be substituted to read "Account" and "Balance". References to "Ticker" and "NAV" are not applicable. The Insured Cash Shelter Account is offered by USA Mutuals Partners Inc.