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The IRS has extended the date by which prior year contributions can be contributed in 2021 until May 17th. Please check with your tax advisor if this extension applies to you.



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If you have any comments, suggestions, or questions about using MFS Contribution Direct, please submit them using the Ask Us a Question function at the bottom of the Contact Us page.

When submitting a roster, if you receive an "invalid fund code" error message, an allocation may be designated for a fund or share class that is closed to purchases. You will need to reallocate, remove the selection, or select an alternate investment. Participants should contact their investment professionals to determine an appropriate alternate fund or share class option.

If you would like a written confirmation of a roster submission, please print the "Submit Roster Confirmation" screen for your records.

To prevent an error, please do not use the back button or open another window in your browser until your transaction has completed.

Notice to all Plan Administrators using MFS Contribution Direct:

Any participant that adds an account to their portfolio, either through exchange or any other means, is required to notify the Plan Administrator of any change in payment allocations. MFS does not systematically update the allocations on Contribution Direct; this is the responsibility of the Plan Administrator. MFS will not be responsible for any adjustments resulting from a failure to update allocation(s).

Additionally, if an account is closed via either an exchange or redemption the account must be re-opened in order to receive future contributions. The Plan Administrator must call the MFS Service Center to request the account be re-opened before submitting a roster that includes a contribution into a previously closed account.

Participants should consult with their investment professionals for suitability of the fund/share class to meet their investment objectives before investing in a new fund or share class. For a prospectus containing this and other information, contact MFS or view it online at

The participant's investment professional is responsible for determining the appropriate share class for purchases. Only participants without a broker are generally invested in Class I shares.

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